Terrifying moment landslide blocked Pearl River in China, monster flash floods in Hubei

Today, let's watch the flood news today. China's Hubei is submerged.

In the early morning of July 31, torrential rain in Hubei province caused 10 million m³ of land to fall into the Pearl River. A sudden flood hit Enshi city, Hubei province.

According to news site toutiao, heavy rain accompanied by a huge amount of water has flooded the city of Enshi, causing serious damage.

11 people died, 3 people were swept away by flood waters, but their bodies have not been found.

A series of houses collapsed, mud engulfed the whole street.

Cars buried in the ground, many shops buried.

Local authorities have urgently relocated 11,390 people from more than 2,660 households.

In a video posted on China's Weibo, a huge amount of rock suddenly fell from the top of the mountain.

The water of the Pearl River suddenly rose and engulfed the whole city of Enshi.

The scene was really horrible. People suddenly ran away, the whole city was submerged in water.

The numbers are still not specific statistics,

Heavy rain accompanied by rocks destroyed more than 500 houses, hospitals and schools, shops had to close, causing economic losses of nearly 140,000 USD.

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WATCH MORE: https://youtu.be/FpMRAHgqrAg

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