North China experienced another terrible tragedy. Hebei is isolated / China Flood 2022

On August 1, the social network weibo posted a video of a terrible flash flood in northern China.

Tsunami-like water swept away a series of cars on the road, many roads flooded up to 2 meters deep.

China's global television network reported that villages were flooded with water, trapping people and causing dam failures.

The sudden disaster claimed 17 lives and left 23 missing. Most die in underground parking lots and subways.

Along with that, floods have forced 270,000 people to evacuate urgently, destroyed 19,000 houses, forced the suspension of hundreds of mines and damaged 220,000 hectares of agricultural land.

In the previously shared video, the people on top of a bus were almost submerged in the fast-flowing river and were swept away in the helpless screams of many residents.

There was a loud cry right after that.

Witnessing this heartbreaking scene made many people feel sorry for those unfortunate people.

The flood of brutality and inhumanity swept everything away.

In another video, the bus that was submerged in water was more fortunate, 37 people on the bus were rescued.

According to the forecast of the Hebei meteorological station, heavy rainfall over 200mm will continue to occur in the next 3 days.

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