Flood water like a devil, madly swallowed 4 districts in Chongqing - 53 dead, 575,000 emergency evacuation.


A special news today, Flood once again devastated Chongqing.

At dawn on August 31, extreme weather ravaged Chongqing. Heavy rain accompanied by thunderstorms wiped out 4 districts of Khai Chau, Van Duong, Luong Binh and Van Chau. The Chongqing government had to issue an emergency evacuation order for 575,000 people.

According to chinanews, the flood swept away people's houses and belongings. High winds blew off roofs, overturned cars along with many fallen trees.

Many roads were destroyed by floods, a number of bridges collapsed, causing many localities to be divided.

According to Toutiao, flash floods and thunderstorms have killed 53 people. 75 people were seriously injured by trees and buried in rocks. The 25 people who have gone missing are still searching.

23 houses were badly damaged, 6 houses completely collapsed. 7,500 hectares of crops were washed away and lost.

In a video posted on weibo, a series of cars were swept away by floodwaters in the despair of people.

A man is trying to save people trapped in his car when the car is more than two-thirds underwater.

horrifying scene when this car was washed away by flood water shortly after.

The real nightmare comes to the Chinese people in the rainy season. Disasters come unexpectedly. Is this due to crimes committed by the Chinese Communist Party government.

The insecurity of the large dam along with the violent flood from upstream made people feel sad.

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