HOT! PM stands in front of horror subversion - Brexit plans have gone up in smoke

Credibility for BORIS is at an alarming level like never before. Not only did voters leave, but he also faced the overthrow of MPs in his own party. The prime minister is under pressure from all factions in his party. BORIS JOHNSON is said to have published a series of proposals over the past five days aimed at keeping MPs desperate over a leadership challenge. But his interventions may be too little, too late. This could be the end of his position as prime minister. Brexiteers want Britain to move faster and further in making the most of opportunities outside the EU, while the more liberal wing of the party wants to do more to help struggling households. struggling with the cost of living crisis. Last Thursday, Prime Minister Rishi Sunak confirmed a bumper support package to help boost energy prices. Then yesterday's plan to return to UK measurements when the UK has left the EU was briefed. And today, proposals to cut the red tape imposed on Britain while still part of the bloc were announced. Amid an increasingly negative vote for the Tories and concerns among MPs that the party could lose at the next election, Mr Johnson sought to assuage worries among colleagues. Separately, three announcements should have pleased Conservative supporters: selling the benefits of Brexit and helping struggling hard-working households. But the Prime Minister may need to act sooner to save his political future. For years, Brexiteers have wanted more action to take full advantage of Brussels. For months, MPs have begged the Treasury to come up with a plan to deal with the economic crisis. For now, the Tories don't seem to care much about Mr Johnson's legislative agenda and public anger over the lockdown gatherings in Downing Street gives them the perfect excuse to act. More than five Tory MPs have spoken out against the Prime Minister in the last 24 hours. The recent announcements don't seem to have done much to prevent letters of distrust of his leadership. It is thought that as many as 24 people have now publicly acknowledged submitting letters of no-confidence to the chairman of the 1922 Committee of the Conservative Party, who is responsible for leadership elections. If 54 letters arrive, a vote on Mr Johnson's future will be conducted. There is a feeling in Westminster that this threshold is on the verge of being reached. Over the past few days, Mr Johnson has shown that he is in listening mode, ready to do what is necessary to please those who may determine his downfall. When MPs return to Parliament next week after recess, a vote from the Conservatives on whether to launch the Prime Minister could be at the top of the agenda. The prime minister has seven days to save his political career. We can see that: Johnson lied that he was the Brexiteer to win GE. You can only fool people once. I don't recall the Tory manifesto saying they would ban gas boilers and gasoline/oil powered cars. The majority of people in this country today are politically homeless. All Parties support the EU. The fact is that all the Parties except the Tories are honest about it.

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