Brexit disgrace! Universities in the UK beg the EU to settle the Brexit dispute to join the program

Recently, Universities in the UK are pleading with European Commission Vice President Maros Sefcovic to urgently resolve the case to rescue UK program access. The EU told the UK it could not achieve relevant membership for Horizon Europe until the dispute with the bloc over the Northern Ireland Protocol had been resolved. This has prompted a GROUP representing 140 of the UK's universities to urge the government to resolve the Brexit conflict with Britain and let the country rejoin the £80 billion flagship innovation programme. This is despite the UK's participation as a feature of the Trade and Cooperation Agreement. Under the plan, the UK will contribute £15 billion over seven years so British researchers can access EU grants and collaborate with European partners. The group of universities wrote in the letter that the delay was "deeply concerned" by both the EU and the UK, with the situation "deteriorating every day due to the resulting uncertainty". The letter added: "Failing to secure the UK's alignment with Horizon Europe would be a loss in health, wealth and happiness and would be detrimental to future generations in Europe and Moreover." The letter requested a meeting between Mr Sefcovic and the UK deputy prime ministers. But this comes as negotiations with the EU continue to be difficult, with Foreign Minister Liz Truss threatening to tear up the Protocol in recent weeks. Universities in the UK have also warned that the situation is "nearly peaking". After a phone call between Ms Truss and her EU counterpart in May, Mr Sefcovic warned that scrapping the protocol would be "unacceptable". "The UK government's intention to embark on a path of unilateral action continues to cause serious concern," he said in a statement. Mr. Sefocivc added: "We have made it clear that there is still potential to be explored in our proposals. We are still waiting for a response from the UK side." But the reciprocity is continuing to cause concern among British researchers. Tim Bradshaw, CEO of Russell Group has warned that Horizon Europe's involvement is very close to being "robbed" forever. He warned: “It increasingly feels as if we are at the brink, with the link going to be taken away before summer. "The fact that Horizon Europe appears to be tied up in broader political debates is a matter of regret, but it doesn't have to be." He added: “We all know there comes a point where the UK cannot hold out any longer and alternative arrangements will need to be put in place. “Today I can tell you that affiliate doors are closing and closing fast.” But while much of the scientific community hopes negotiators can strike a deal, Science Secretary George Freeman has laid out a contingency plan in case Britain is permanently knocked out. It is an absolute sadness to see the UK's continued decline. Let's hope this trend stops, excludes, isolates and declines and it's just getting started. I never thought that Brexit could make us so unhappy.

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