Brexit collapse! Boris shows impotence when asked to re-empty Biden on Brexit barrier

Besides, President Boris's plan to introduce a law to break the Brexit protocol was strongly opposed by the US, so it was not carried out. That's why the British President faced criticism from Brexiters for his cowardly retreat. BORIS JOHNSON has been concerned to confront Joe Biden for "intervening Britain in the face" in Britain's row with the European Union over Brexit, with the Prime Minister warning the US wasspping Britain in the face. Earlier this month, a spokesman for Joe Biden delivered a slap on Boris Johnson over any move to revise the protocol, insisting he should instead show "leadership" and move on. talk to EU envoys about this argument. USA was one of the countries that defended the Good Friday deal they ended this and Has every right to have a say without America there would be no peace in Northern Ireland That's why Nancy Pelosi, speaker of the House of Commons, has stressed that this protocol is necessary to maintain the peace agreement in Northern Ireland and warned any move to change from the UK could be dangerous. for a trade deal with the US. But Nile Gardiner, a Washington-based foreign policy expert and a former aide to Margaret Thatcher, wants Mr Johnson to warn Mr Biden to stay adamant about relations with the EU. "The role of the House of Commons or the Speaker of the House is not to lecture the British people about their own laws and policies. "This is exactly what Biden and Pelosi are doing. "Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi need to mind their own business because they are meddling in British internal affairs," he said. "It's a demonstration of utter disrespect to the UK and the British people." He added: "The Biden administration and Democrats in Congress are stirring the pot and creating a much more volatile situation. "It's time for Boris Johnson to tell Biden to back off because you can't let the US President tell Britain what to do. "They're encouraging division and slapping England in the face - it's very insulting indeed. "The UK government must stand against the Biden administration." However, our judgment is based on what is actually happening. Inflation is happening all over the world and especially in Europe. A disagreement from Brexit would be to increase the pattern of instability in the region, making the crisis worse. And so the US has absolutely grounds to worry about the trade war between the UK and the EU. Northern Ireland is unique among these islands as it is currently administered under the Good Friday agreement, which allows both the British and Irish governments to have a role in organizing and protecting the political systems in Northern Ireland. to maintain peace. The US was the main of the Good Friday agreement and Senator Mitchell presided over the torture architect negotiations for two years to complete the deal, both the US and EU poured billions of dollars into North Korea. Ireland to strengthen the peace process Brexit is a choice and choices have consequences in this case possible in the protocol being the only viable solution to maintain the fragile piece of land in Northern Ireland The UK government is not currently playing one-handed, but only supports a single political party in Northern Ireland, the DUP, and tries to create a false sense of crisis. the latest economic figures so Northern Ireland is exploding and the only part of the UK that is growing thanks to its single market access

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