Brexit chaos! Rees-Mogg defends Boris against subversion vote because of Brexit failure

Brexit Opportunities Minister Jacob Rees-Mogg reacted to the announcement of a vote of confidence in Boris Johnson and claimed opposition to the Prime Minister came from those "hostile to Brexit". JACOB REES-MOGG stated that opposition to Boris Johnson came from those who were always "hostile to Brexit" and wanted Britain to rejoin the EU. However the truth is that Boris failed to fully implement Brexit, he broke the promises in the manifesto and delivered austerity and hardship. Finally, Mogg got the mess. We want to get rid of the yoke of brexit. REES-MOGG alleges tonight's vote of confidence, he added "this is not a vote much on the Prime Minister" but a vote "to sabotage the Brexit referendum". However at least 80% of the Tories are professional Europeans and will do anything to bring us back Referring to Tobias Ellwood, who a few days ago called on the Prime Minister to rejoin the EU single market to help the country deal with the cost of living crisis, he warned “Tobias Ellwood and his friends want to tying us to that has failed, sclerosis. European System”. Referring to the current cost-of-living crisis, Tory MP Tobias Ellwood suggested: “If you enter the single market with conditions that lead to strengthening our economy, ease the crisis. the cost of living, solving the Irish problem is abrupt and boosting our European credentials because we are leading like never before in Ukraine, wouldn't it be fun to face this reality? ". Following the suggestion, some Tory MPs responded by disagreeing. Former whip leader Mark Harper said: “The UK has voted to leave the EU. That means leaving the single market and ending freedom of movement. End". Commons Foreign Affairs Committee Chairman Tom Tugendhat commented: “Plan for the future and stop looking at the past. This decision is taken”. Mr Rees-Mogg said: “There are a lot of people who think they are the alternative to Boris Johnson. “And wants us to essentially rejoin the European Union by going back to the single market. “Then they don't want him to be the leader now because they are hostile to Brexit. “Tobias Ellwood and his friends want to force us back into that failed, sclerotic European system. "That's really important because it's not a vote so much on the Prime Minister. “We need to deliver Brexit. "That's what the British people expect. “That is my role as Brexit Opportunity Minister. "We capture the benefits of being outside the European Union to be able to move our economy in a different direction from the EU." A statement from Mr Rees-Mogg was given as Chairman of the 1922 backbench committee, Sir Graham Brady officially announced that a vote of confidence in Boris Johnson would be held this evening from 6pm. until 8 pm. This will most likely become the event that ends Boris's political career. He delivered Brexit however he was unable to satisfy the Brexiteer. And he is paying the price for this.

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