Brexit being thrown in the trash! Senior Tory MP proposes a very bold idea of ending the crisis

A bold idea has been raised in the context of Britons facing a crisis of the cost of living at a record level. A senior Conservative MP recently called on Boris Johnson to bring the UK back into the single market of the European Union to help mitigate the ongoing cost-of-living crisis. Tobias Ellwood, chairman of the defense select committee, said the Brexit deal negotiated by the government had left the industry "strangled" by red tape and that securing closer economic links with the bloc would help boost the economy at a time of soaring bills and ubiquitous, inflationary. This shows the UK's stalemate after Brexit is completed. Trade deals have not been able to make up for what was lost from the single European market. You may not know: Ellwood is one of 28 Tory MPs who have publicly called for Johnson to step down, urging the prime minister to pursue a Norwegian-style relationship with the EU. A very special country in Europe is that Norway is not part of the EU but has full access to its single market, which means that it enjoys low friction trade with the bloc, thanks to its membership in the EU. member of a trade group known as the European Economic Area. Some Conservative and Labor MPs campaigned for a Norwegian-style Brexit after the 2016 referendum, but Brexiteers are adamant that it would undermine UK sovereignty. Ellwood acknowledges that re-entry into the single market means accepting a number of EU regulations, including the free movement of people. However, he argues that doing so will eliminate the £7 billion worth of post-Brexit paperwork, boost the economy and help mitigate the ongoing cost of living crisis, as well as solve the problem. The Northern Ireland Protocol resolution is "in trouble" and demonstrates the UK's "European certificate" "in the context of Russia's continued attack on Ukraine. Writing for The House, Ellwood said the government's decision to deviate from EU rules, or what some have called a 'hard Brexit', has caused significant damage to UK exporters. "From fishermen who can no longer sell their Scottish salmon, to farmers having their cuts cut due to unregulated imports, to Cheshire cheesemakers who are holding £'s worth of health certificates. 180, even the City can no longer sell financial services to Europe. strangled by the red tape we were supposed to escape," said the Bournemouth East MP. In short, all these challenges will disappear if we dare to advance our Brexit model by re-entering the EU single market (Norwegian model). He said it would be "abolition of obligations" if ministers refused to reassess the UK's relationship with the EU, adding that how Brexit went was not what "most". people imagine". "Leaving this aspect of the EU was not on the ballot, nor was it called for by the Prime Minister or Nigel Farage in the 2016 referendum. However, there has been much talk of going back to one." common market, "that's exactly what I recommend". This is a bold idea and it is very valid when looking at the fact we can see Brexit is seriously harming the UK. Will EU regulations undermine UK sovereignty when Brexit minister rees mogg has announced that EU law will apply to the UK in the next five years. That doesn't mean Brexit is useless.

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