Beaune mocks Brexit bitterly in celebration of "36 years of EU flag"! Those who leave are regretting

On Sunday, the European Commission celebrated 36 years since the EU flag was hoisted above the institutional buildings of Brussels. In the same moment FRANCE Minister Clement Beaune gave Britain a caress as he celebrated Sunday's EU flag celebrations. The British were no longer a part of this great history. The future of the EU will be much brighter and more developed. Those who leave will regret it. The official Twitter account of the President of the EU Council of France posted: "36 years ago, the European flag was officially raised outside the buildings of the European Commission, before the President of the Commission at the time. that point, Jacques Delors." Re-sharing the original post, he added: "Against those who want to leave or disobey, I am proud of the European flag, which enriches our identity and strengthens our country. we." This event comes as the UK and EU are still interested in the Northern Ireland Protocol. Mr Beaune has made his fair share of criticism of the UK, only last summer saying he was "worried" by Britain's "behavior" over the Brexit deal. The protocol aimed to avoid a hard border with Ireland but created a series of economic barriers to trade in the Irish Sea. The ongoing conflict with Brussels has also sparked criticism in Ireland. UK is not complying with what has been signed they give themselves the right to stand above international rules. That is completely irresponsible. Last week, the Irish Foreign Minister accused the British Government of pushing for a "despicable" and "dangerous" claim that the Northern Ireland Protocol was inconsistent with the Good Friday Agreement. The UK government last week announced its intention to discuss legislation at Westminster that would replace parts of the protocol without EU approval, amid the ongoing power-sharing at Stormont. Minister Fine Gael said: “The UK government now declares that implementing the protocol, which we have agreed to, is inconsistent with the Good Friday Agreement. "This action is contrary to the spirit of the Good Friday Agreement, where a genuine trust and partnership between both governments has proven time and time again to be crucial to share. improvement. Simon Coveney told the Irish parliament it was "deeply disappointing" that the Westminster Government plans to move forward with unilateral legislation replacing parts of the protocol. He said it went against the spirit of the Good Friday Agreement, which has anchored Northern Ireland's peace process. "This is upsetting and dangerous. I find it disappointing that the UK Government has said it intends to pass legislation in the coming weeks that will unilaterally reject elements of the protocol, which is now international law. economic. "As the protocol is an integral part of an international agreement, such action would also be a serious violation of international law. In a message to unionists, Mr Coveney said the EU had "consistently negotiated" with the UK Government to address genuine concerns, and the ball now rests with the UK courts. . "I have called on the British Government to reconsider, weigh the possible risks of unilateral action and step back from this course of action as they have done in the past. “The unilateral action goes against the wishes of the majority of people and businesses in Northern Ireland.” This warns the UK union could fall apart when the government acts on the Brexit protocol. Isolation from Europe right now is a very bad thing for the UK.

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