Why is the UK in big trouble after Brexit? There is a terrible situation of poverty going on

Tensions between Russia and Ukraine are increasing, which is making the whole world wobble. From the existing barriers of brexit has left the UK alone. All the rules are against the British people as rising prices and red tape make it impossible for UK businesses to compete with EU businesses. It's the British people who have to bear all this badness. The media and politicians are playing games with the people as they repeatedly make winged words for the disaster that cannot be resolved. Repeated lies. and it's the big problem that makes the British people more and more miserable with the harsh reality. The justification of Brexit only works for those who are ignorant and put too much faith in it. Honestly looking at our country now, many people who voted to leave the EU don't know whether to cry or laugh with each day it becomes more and more clear that we have been completely deceived. Those in power shirk responsibility and accountability by telling the British people that migrants and beneficiaries are the cause of their problems, while their wealthy donors squeeze the working people of this country for all that the people have. Post-Brexit, there is absolutely nothing better. All the current affairs of the British people are happening and they also have a whole new set of problems. It's a pity, because we are a beautiful country and I really think this is a great place to live. But there are many obvious institutional problems. The fact that under the protocol of keeping NI in the Customs Union and single market, NI is seen to be performing better than the rest of the UK, is not only frustrating for the DUP but could be a catalyst. work for Irish unification. In fact, adding more truckers won't help if they're about to quit because you don't pay them enough to live. Great Britain's troubles laid the foundation and advantage for Northern Ireland. In Northern Ireland, the largest Coalition party - the DUP took the opportunity to campaign for Brexit to undermine the Good Friday Agreement, put its terms in question and create a hard border with rest of the island. Of course, that backfired for them, despite the warnings, as the UKG could not reconcile the GFA with a hard border, and so the solution, a Northern Ireland protocol was a compromise involved. to trade and customs agreements. The problem is that the DUP disruptors have to see this as a political failure and have to accept it with less than 40% of people in NI supporting Brexit and less than 20% supporting them electorally enough that they can throw his weight in an undemocratic way. So, what trouble are you having in the post-Brexit? Let us know what you think in the comments section below!

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