UK's strategy in dealing with difficult Brexit is badly criticized! "It's a dirty negotiating trick"

The hostile style of Brexit in the negotiations of the protocol has closed the door for the UK to be able to amend the protocol it has signed. This is the basis for Dr. Fabian Zuleeg's comment, that LIZ TRUSS is "politicizing" the Brexit negotiations by negotiating "through the press, public opinion" and "threats". Earlier this month, Foreign Minister Liz Truss and EU High Commissioner for Brexit Maros Sefcovic failed to break the deadlock over how to resolve Northern Ireland. The Protocol gained renewed attention after the DUP blocked the formation of a Northern Ireland Government amid fears the Irish Sea border would distance Northern Ireland from the UK and exacerbate the crisis. cost of living. A European Union expert has accused the UK government of playing dirty negotiating tricks in the Brexit negotiations over the Northern Ireland Protocol. Minister Truss has so far completely rejected all proposals made by Mr. Sefcovic to break the deadlock. Dr Zuleeg said: "I think what we've seen on the UK side - it's not the first so this is a continuation - it's a politicization of the issue. For the executive director of the Center for European Policy Fabian Zuleeg, the UK is politicizing the Northern Ireland negotiations. “Try to negotiate through the press, through public opinion rather than actually engaging on a technical level,” he said. "I think this is partly in question of a mistaken belief that threats work in negotiations." "That you can take something out of the European Union if you're threatening enough," Dr Zuleeg continued. "They're saying something that ends up having particularly unpleasant consequences for the Government. "But I think it also reflects the political dilemma facing the UK Government in getting Brexit done. "So this is a disclaimer of responsibility for something that, in the end, they created." To protect the Good Friday Agreement and the EU's single market, both sides have agreed to create customs checks in the Sea of ​​Ireland instead of building a border between the two Irelands. The UK and EU negotiated bilaterally and signed the Northern Ireland Protocol in January 2020. But now the DUP is rejecting it on the grounds that the border is rising in price in Northern Ireland and separating the country further from the UK. Dr Zuleeg continued: "There are many ways we can tackle this. "There will always be a certain degree of difficulty because of this dilemma." "Ultimately, if you've created an international trade border, then you're going to have to check somewhere," Dr. Zuleeg said. "So there can't be a situation like before when the UK was part of the EU single market." Liz Truss has threatened to scrap parts of the Protocol with a new bill that could put the entire Brexit trade deal at risk. The UK does not have the expertise to negotiate trade deals, as for decades deals have been done at the EU level. We think: This setback has lasted long enough that it's time to think through and accept the changes. And Brexit must accept the rewards of its erroneous vote.

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