Truss - you're just lying: Brexit media is trying to justify failures of NI protocol

 Truss - you're just lying: Brexit media is trying to justify failures of NI protocol

Liz Truss's senseless actions are proving the brexit line wrong.

What's worse is that it is the British people who suffer the consequences.

The Brexit media said: “Concerns about the Northern Ireland protocol do not jeopardize the future of Brexit.

Foreign Secretary Liz Truss wants to enact new legislation to replace parts of the Northern Ireland protocol and remove border checks in the Sea of ​​Ireland for goods not bound to the EU. The protocol has been controversial since the Democratic Unionist Party refused to join a power-sharing government with Sinn Féin until concerns about the post-Brexit scenario were resolved.

Many Brexiteers are still believing the records and lies of the authorities.

In fact, the press reports on poverty more in the UK than in Germany. This leads me to believe that the standard of living in the UK is fundamentally lower than elsewhere because the number of people has fallen below the poverty line very quickly since Brexit and it is actually higher than elsewhere. For example, food banks have collapsed, this is because Britons mostly have less disposable income to spend on food, largely due to customs sanctions and the Brexit delay. causing the queue at DOVER to go bad. On the other hand, it must be admitted that food banks are having problems in Germany, but this is said to be increasing pressure on food banks due to the 400 to 500,000 refugees from Ukraine.

However, the reality has been and is happening like that.

On Tuesday, May 17, Ms Truss said: “In response to the very serious and dire situation in Northern Ireland, we clearly need to act to ensure institutions can be restored. as soon as possible.

“The bill will introduce necessary measures to reduce the burden on East-West trade.

"It will ensure goods moving and staying in the UK are freed from unnecessary bureaucracy."

Meanwhile, the UK Government will still do commercial transactions, despite the problems with the NIP.

But businesses will be reluctant to invest – because they know the government can turn the tide, even after deals have been signed.

UK ports have invested millions of dollars to prepare for the inspection - and the government has refused. Businesses in NI that have spent money preparing for NIP implementation, and their dealings with RoI, are now at stake.

The message to businesses is clear: just because the UK government has signed a trade deal, doesn't mean they've done their homework first. They can change their mind, they can put the whole deal at risk.

On the contrary: “Unilateral actions that an international agreement cannot accept.

“The Withdrawal Agreement and its Protocol are the necessary foundation for the Trade and Cooperation Agreement.

“If the UK decides to go ahead with the Bill removing the constituent elements of the Protocol, the EU will need to respond with all measures at its disposal.”

What is happening with the falsehoods of the Brexit media.

Do you believe in the stupidity and lies of what brexit is doing?

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