Truly catastrophic: Brexit leaves the British with no freedoms in Europe

No more freedom of movement. As a fact, Citizens of the United Kingdom have lost the right to live and work anywhere in the European Union, and vice versa. This major policy shift follows the widely held interpretation of the Brexit vote: people voted Leave to reduce EU immigration and regain control of our borders. Of all Brexthick's crimes - the denial to millions of UK citizens of their Freedom of Movement is the greatest. And this is not just an annual holiday. It is a denial of the freedom to live, invest, study and retire in Europe as an equal citizen with equal rights, access to health care, welfare and the freedom to simply come and go as you please. That disappeared for the British. And all because well-educated boys and second-generation immigrants from India told you to vote 'leave'. People's lives are truly free when their previous freedom of movement makes them comfortable to travel and freely visit the homes of their loved ones in EU countries. But Brexit erased that, it took away the freedom of millions of British people. It is not surprising that the free movement was so important in the Brexit debate, given that the image of a borderless continent is what most people think of when they think of the EU. In addition, this critical pillar of European integration is what European citizens most frequently cite as a major of the EU (together with achievement peace). On the other hand, Irish Passengers do not receive "preferential treatment" - they are loyal members of the European Union. That's like saying Minnesotans are getting preferential treatment for entry into the United States. It's their country! The people of Great Britain have not yet accepted that they no longer rule Ireland. now more than a century. Ireland has embraced this and as an active and important member of the EU, the rest of the EU supports and supports Ireland, as it has for decades now. Of course, for many people in the EU, it would be nice to have shorter lines at the airport because British travelers have to wait in a separate line. And there are few arrogant, self-respecting Britons who speak only one language as another bonus. Meanwhile, Free movement is a case in point of the integration-demarcation conflict – between those that welcome international openness as a valuable opportunity, and those that seek the protection of national borders and identities. Someone has said that watching Brexit happen is like watching people who cannot read burn your Library. millions of people appreciate the freedom of movement and the opportunities it offers them and their families, and although many try very hard not to blame everyone who voted for it (Info false, gullible, disinterested, etc) but it still makes me feel very angry. Everything was terrible when it happened. Brexit takes away the freedoms of millions of British people.

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