The NI Protocol Demolition Act has been ravaged right in the Irish parliament! Brexit made it

The controversy surrounding the NI protocol has continued to be hotter than ever. In Ireland BRITAIN's Brexit demands for the Northern Ireland Protocol have been dropped in the Irish Parliament amid a continuing war of words between London, Brussels and Dublin. Mr. Richmond A member of the Irish Convention has criticized Boris Johnson's government for Britain's attempt to create an alternative to the controversial Northern Ireland Protocol, which goes against the wishes of the European Union and Irish Government. Neale Richmond TD, spokesman for Fine Gael's Europe Division, is a heavy critic of Brexit and used a recent speech to deliver on the UK's demand for Protocol reform. Mr Richmond told the TDs: "We know how things have to go back to the current EU mandate change. "I'm pretty sure the EU didn't create this mess that has captured the hearts and minds of too many people and caused chaos on this island for over six years. "Now I keep forgetting to go back to the referendum campaign, it's been so long since we've seen ideas over and over again, but I'm pretty sure the EU didn't deliver Brexit. "But the EU is always changing its mind. "The EU's mandate is always set. "And if there's no change to this mission we can't fix the problems, of course we can fix the problems, but this UK Government is running away from the most obvious solution. of a European Union SBS veterinary agreement because of course it always goes back to the EU because it has nothing to do with Brexit so its responsibilities." "Never the fact that we have a UK Government that has continuously gone from winning the 52% referendum to 48%, talking about never leaving the single market, is the government's own words. The current Prime Minister to come to a Brexit as difficult as possible. "But no, no, it all goes back to the EU. The politician Fine Gael's intervention comes as the Protocol controversy threatens to push power-sharing at Stormont to the brink in Northern Ireland. Northern Ireland's main trade union party, the DUP, has refused to re-establish a minded executive body after the recent election in protest at deals that have created economic barriers to trade with the rest. of the United Kingdom. To date, the DUP has blocked the election of speakers and the establishment of an Executive as part of its objection to the Protocol. Many party members and loyalists vehemently oppose the protocol, arguing that the requirement to inspect goods moving through the Sea of ​​Ireland undermines Northern Ireland's position within the United Kingdom. Sinn Fein Vice-President Michelle O'Neill said it was important for the Northern Ireland Assembly to meet to "get on with the work" and start making distributions available to the public, but DUP leader Sir Jeffrey Donaldson took the issue to heart. proposed withdrawal from Sinn Fein as a "stunt". Sir Jeffrey said: "When you consider that for three long years, and on several occasions during that time when this Council was convened to elect a speaker, Sinn Fein on each of those occasions was absent from the meetings. that procedure. "And if they think doing a stunt like this next Monday will change everything, then they really don't understand the solidarity and determination to stand our ground until we have it." get the decisive action needed to move us all forward." "Most people out there will accept Sinn Fein's new-found determination to restore the working facilities they abandoned for three years. We can conclude that: The whole mess is due to Johnson, his Brexit negotiation deal and the DUP. No Brexit, no problem.

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