Rees-Mogg has just smashed the most loyal Brexiters! EU law will apply to UK within the next 5 years

Brexit is under the impact of Brexit red tape, causing UK business to come to a standstill. Minister Jacob Rees-Mogg is in a position to exploit the opportunities of Brexit. But he is appearing completely helpless when the work is not progressing. Most recently, he made a statement that greatly disappointed Brexiters: Brexit Opportunities Minister Jacob Rees-Mogg is said to have told the Cabinet earlier this month that a five-year period would apply to all import rules from the continent. That means the laws drafted by Eurocrats in Brussels could continue to apply in the UK more than a decade after Britons voted to leave the trading bloc. Plans are being drawn up that would see "sunset provisions" being introduced on legislation from Brussels, with ministers forced to keep the laws in place, change or remove them ahead of time. When Brexit took place on January 21, 2020, thousands of pieces of EU law were automatically transformed into UK law to create a smooth transition. More than 52,000 laws from Brussels were applied to the UK between 1990 and 2020. This shows that there is no difference and improvement between choosing Brexit and staying in the EU. Because all EU standards still apply to UK. The reforms and benefits of Brexit did not come, but the UK lost a lot by leaving the EU. This has met with opposition: Ministers have warned these rules have been given special treatment because they have become part of UK law without a proper vote in the House of Commons and House of Commons. institute. The 5-year period is understood to be set forth in the Bill when it is introduced into Parliament. The government unveiled the Brexit Freedom Bill in the Queen's Speech earlier this month, setting out plans to end EU legislation. Brexiteer MPs will welcome the Government's commitment to laying out plans to end the imposition of foreign legislation. However, they may feel frustrated by the timetable, assuming it doesn't move fast enough. One source told The Times: “The point is to force radical thinking. "If the law is coming to an end, we can really think about what's really needed and have a chance of eliminating the European Union's all-inclusive approach to regulation." A Conservative MP said last week: "Brexit is done but we need to see its benefits. But unfortunately it's only a dream, not a reality." The long-term Euroceptic was introduced into the Cabinet in January to help realize the opportunities Brexit could present for the UK. They accused Mr Rees-Mogg of being too slow to tear up EU law. He told MPs of his vision to scrap EU "gold-plated" regulations as part of his job, in March. He said: "The vision of the Brexit opportunities is that we should have a more efficient economy, that we should have supply-side reforms, remove unnecessary regulation that is imposed on us. The Brexit benefits that the Brexiteers are waiting for will take some time, we are not even sure yet. But that was enough to slow the UK down by a decade. That is a disaster. And now Brexit is increasingly discrediting even the most loyal of Brexiters. It was an alarming bell for Boris and his associates.

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