Real incompetence! Kent explodes when Brexit can't solve the problem at the border

Why? why wrong? brexit messed things up. Currently, the Government has not come up with a reasonable solution to the existing problems in front of the Government. Pointless and destructive, all around and for all involved. Kent union said the queues of lorries outside the town of Dover were a "direct consequence" of the introduction of additional border procedures earlier this year. Carriers transporting goods from the UK to the EU must now use the Cargo Vehicle Movement System (GVMS) - the government's new IT portal - to clear customs at ports. On the other hand, Kent was extremely angry and had to resort to last resort to de-escalate the situation. A disaster relief charity has been hired by Kent County Council to help tackle the occasional brexit queue on the main roads towards the country's busiest ports. This solution cannot completely solve the problem caused by Brexit. It can only be resolved temporarily. It is clear to us that Boris is a force of nature in the disasters he helps create - an embodiment of the Third Law of Thermodynamics; why his frivolous projects sure look like vandalism. Looking directly at the matter we will see, This situation is a national shame. How much more this corrupt government could damage the UK's reputation around the world. Why would international investors want to invest in a country that doesn't have the infrastructure to support the current low volume of trade and shows a lack of integrity in their dealings? Since the new year, the port in Dover has repeatedly reached capacity and has been forced to use the A20 line, which runs between Dover and Folkestone, as a dumping vehicle for trains. At the request of the Port of Dover, Highways England has activated the Traffic Action Protocol, which allows the use of a single lane of the A20 for traffic through the port. On the other hand, according to many people's comments: BoJo was largely elected in favor of Brexit. Just think what a mess he has caused and how bad Britain has become, in terms of tourists to and from the UK. Food and products are more expensive. The law can be changed now, to benefit the employer, not the employee, We've seen the benefits of Brexit policies have angered people and I think the majority vote of the British people in 2016 was really wrong. Did Kent County Council hire real and established experts to deal with it? No Tory sponsorship deals? At least that's new. So Brexit is now officially labeled a disaster? Who can expect that? The people of Kent voted for Brexit by a large majority. Their council tax should be increased to cover the additional cost of £180,000. They caused the problem, they should pay for it.

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