Mass disaster! Brexit reveals real betrayal leaving British expats in Spain squirming with new rules

 The brutal reality of Brexit has kept many people wary of their decisions and plans for years.

The brutal reality of Brexit has kept many people wary of their decisions and plans for years.

THOUSANDS of Britons in Spain still can't legally drive due to the government's failure to reach a post-Brexit deal.

The unfortunate scenario is increasingly disappointing British residents in Spain. While the two countries' lengthy negotiations continued, many foreigners accused the British government of betraying them.

Sadly, it is the English-speaking Spaniards who help them with all the problems and troubles of daily life and often don't call them out.

I was surprised not only by most not being able to speak more than a few words of Spanish but also by their disdain for Spain, the Spanish way of life, local customs and laws. - hostile behavior. such as drinking and driving as a daily habit, as well as non-compliance with community rules such as noise, parking and littering.

On the other hand, from an insider's perspective: Because the British and Spanish governments could not reach an agreement on driving licenses after Brexit, British citizens living in this country have not been able to drive since the beginning of the month. Five.

Long-time expats have been implicated by appearances in a variety of situations, with some feeling that they have been misinformed, authorized by the bureaucracy or even cheated.

I always wondered what the British would do if the entire south coast of the UK was flooded with Spanish bars and Spaniards bought up properties.

With that, some of my friends' previous British Driver's Licenses were exchanged for a Dutch License many years ago. Apparently this was needed decades before brexit if they really wanted to stay here. No driving test needed, just hand over my friend's British license and exchange it for a Dutch one.

Another share of an insider posted online by Colin Wilson: "I've been driving legally for 46 years.

"I am disgusted with the way we are treated by the government."

What's strange is how easy this is for Britons who emigrated here (and others I know) to find all their identities, residency permits and permits in the West. Spain. The authorities are always friendly and helpful. The process is painless (but not necessarily fun or perfect). It is not as if Britons in Spain have found themselves fighting the hostile, dysfunctional Kafka fever dream like the UK Home Office.

On the other hand, any Briton living in Spain should have this sorted out years ago. A few people moved to Sweden a few years ago. It takes up to two weeks to get a Swedish driver's license. As for citizenship, do they find that if their other half and they decide to move to the UK (or try) she will have to fill out an 83-page form and then wait six months? they have to fill out a six-page form to apply for Swedish citizenship and it takes nine days to receive the certificate. Too much for all the red tape in the EU, huh?, my friend shared.

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