Late regret: Jacob Rees-Mogg despairs of Brexiteer anger - no one him thinking anymore

You used to trust Jacob Rees-Mogg, did you ever put your trust in him? The Brexiteer is perhaps more desperate than ever as Jacob Rees-Mogg's promises are swirling around his faults. One MP said: "He's a bit like Jim Hacker as minister for administrative affairs. "We've got Brexit done but we now need to see the benefits of it." In fact, no benefits have been created since he took office. That's why he couldn't find them. Many people cannot sell. The promises of the Government are all symbolic and really vague with the current time. To be fair to Moggy, he has an incredibly tough job. As the Anti-Brexit Opportunities Minister, he is expected to take advantage of the opportunities opened up by Brexit. But the only opportunity that was opened was to give him the post of Minister of Searching for the End of the doesn't exist! Really funny things are going on. According to sources close to Mr. Rees-Mogg, work is underway on plans to demonstrate the benefits of leaving the EU, and the plans will be completed later this year. Tory grandee Sir Iain Duncan Smith led the Prime Minister's Taskforce on Innovation, Growth, and Regulatory Reform, which looked at how to "seize new opportunities from Brexit with its newfound regulatory freedom." Look at the facts: People don't know what they're voting for. The British public honestly thought that all trade was free, and that goods could simply "come here and go" without hindrance. They have the erroneous view that the EU is a club that we have paid a lot of money for and that all members mean "foreigners" can come here in large numbers and we have to follow. some rules that we never agree to. That's it, in a nutshell. Leaving the EU means life will go on exactly as before, except WITHOUT ANY immigration and no silly laws and £350m a week for the NHS. The foolish and poorly educated have now received their reward. I'm starting to get the idea that the 'tangible benefits' of Brexit are actually in direct contrast to every promise they made during the voting period. Lower prices -> increase prices Reduce prices -> increase prices Border control -> open borders Better trade deals -> worse deals. Another Conservative MP admitted frustration that plans on how to eliminate unnecessary red tape from Brussels were handed to No10 last June with little progress since then. The overwhelming disappointment left no one trusting the brexit and the leaders they had come to expect. As Brexit effectively destroys Britain's ability to trade in goods and services, Britain's competitive position is rapidly declining. A few more years, and it will be a nation of people who serve. Also interesting is the odd notion that other countries would even consider giving up their compliance requirements Do you feel the bad that Rees-Mogg has brought. and is he really useless?

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