EU continues to tighten Putin! Criminals violating Russia sanctions will face fury

While Russia's war on Ukraine is unfolding increasingly fierce and sanctions have been enacted, it is paramount that EU restrictive measures are fully implemented and that violations of the that measure cannot be omitted. The European Commission is proposing to add the violation of EU sanctions against Russia to the list of EU crimes. The Commission is also proposing new strengthened rules on asset recovery and confiscation, which will also contribute to the implementation of the EU's restrictive measures. This Act would make breach of EU restrictive measures an EU crime. Today's proposals aim to ensure that assets of individuals and organizations that violate the restrictions can be effectively seized in the future. The proposals come in the context of the 'Freeze and Seize' Task Force, established by the Commission in March. Violation of restrictive measures, which meets the criteria set forth in Article 83 of the TFEU, is a crime in the majority of Member States. It is also a particularly serious crime, as it can pose threats to international peace and security and has a clear cross-border context, requiring a unified EU-level response. and global level. This will allow the establishment of a common baseline standard of criminal offenses and penalties across the EU. In turn, such common EU rules would make it easier to investigate, prosecute and punish violations of restrictive measures in all Member States. Potential offenses may include: engaging in actions or activities that seek to directly or indirectly circumvent restrictions, including by concealing assets; not freeze funds belonging to, held or controlled by a designated individual/organization; or engage in trade, such as importing or exporting prohibited goods. After the EU Member States agree on the Commission's initiative to expand the EU list of crimes, the Commission will present a legislative proposal based on the Information and the attached Annex. Strengthen EU rules on asset recovery and seizure for EU restrictive measures. This will help between EU countries to have a standard to sanction organizations and individuals who have rules to do business with Russia in order to get illicit profits from the Russian government and help Putin escape sanctions. Second, the Commission is making a proposal on the Asset Recovery and Forfeiture Directive. The proposed rules would also apply to violations of restrictions, ensuring effective tracing, blocking, management and confiscation of proceeds from violations of restrictions. regime. The core objective is to ensure that criminals do not pay the price by depriving criminals of their illicit interests and limiting their ability to commit crimes. This will be a big net against the criminal networks and Russia's allies left in Europe to strangle the country's economy. Avoiding the money due to business activities will help Russia escape sanctions and continue to use its economic and military potential to continue the war in Ukraine and launch similar wars in the future.

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