Don't Make Justifications: An Extra Brexit Policy Makes Things Worse in Seaport

A recent event has really angered many people who use the sea to transport goods. The absurdity comes from the wrong policies of Brexit and the wrong choice of the generation with the 2016 ballot. So the thing here is that the authorities are abusing everything to get money. They are deliberately trampling on people's health and efforts when people's lives are increasingly difficult with red tape and Brexit rules. Meanwhile, the Government always sends money abroad to support other countries. and leave their own people in the country. who themselves pay taxes to develop the country and feed these rulers. Indeed, Ports throughout the United Kingdom have implemented "customs clearance fees" in an attempt to recoup lost revenue. The relocation of border control posts is the result of delays in phytosanitary procedures. Customers in London, Tilbury, Southampton, and Teesport are now charged news fees ranging from £17 to £25 per entry. The increase in seaport fees will cause more companies to leave the UK. Other companies that want to export goods to the UK will also need to consider everything for the costs they need to worry about for that shipment. actually it is too much cost to export or import a similar shipment of EU countries. On the other hand, the UK Government has not yet resolved the outstanding issues at the border. The cost of living is still increasing and people's lives have not been improved. Unreasonable policies are still introduced and applied inhumanely. A source speaking to news outlet Loadstar about the new fees said: "In reality, it is a bulls**t money-making exercise, as there are no examinations, it's probably aimed at recovering port development costs." The news comes after the BBC is at the center of a Brexit row after making a screeching U-turn over hiring a presenter who had slammed the UK's exit from the EU and Boris Johnson in tweets. We are seeing government justifications. Words do not contain the freedom of promises or the ignorance of Brexiteers. Meanwhile, If Unityism accepts the Protocol that could be what could prevent Irish unification, steady flow of business investment into a steady NI from companies looking to capitalize on Protocols for access to both the UK and EU internal markets are essential in NI. The saying Cut your nose to get your face always comes to mind. Pragmatism was never the DUP's forte. The DUP just wanted and still wants to be a hard border in Ireland regardless of the economic consequences for the people of NI. NI seems to be staying out of the port issues that Brexit has just brought up. It was the cost of the staff, building and equipment to carry out the Brexit tests that caused the Brexit government to delay for a fourth time because it was still not ready. Brexit is really wasting and exploiting everything of their people. The country is in a stalemate when everything falls on the shoulders of the people at this difficult time. Thank you for watching our video. Please subscribe and press the notification bell to receive the latest notifications from the following videos.

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