Coalition leader gave a stunned blow to Brexit on BBC! 'Agree where in Northern Ireland'?

Controversy over the fate of Northern Ireland in the UK union is being questioned when the controversy surrounding the Brexit protocol is causing this relationship to crack on the brink of breakdown. Most recently, support leader Naomi Long blasted Brexit to an audience of BBC Question Time in Belfast by asking "where is the agreement?", when a majority of people in Northern Ireland voted to remain in the EU. . “I think clearly when you listen to business, the biggest obstacle businesses face at the moment is political uncertainty,” she said. Ms Long, Member of the Legislative Council for Belfast East, also asked if there was any interest in the Good Friday deal at the time of the EU referendum. “I mean I listened carefully to Robert (Buckland) say 'the importance of consent'. “And that has always happened and the Government has sometimes played fast and loose with our political instability here. “Where is the consent in Northern Ireland for Brexit? Where is the concern about the impact on the Good Friday Agreement? “The majority of people in Northern Ireland do not agree with that change. "Instead, the Government is not only working on pre-Brexit but also continuing with the most difficult form of Brexit." The Brexit government is going against the will of the Northern people. The growth of NI is a single slap in the face of Brexit failure. When the UK is struggling with red tape, Brexit has caused the UK's trade and economy to stagnate. Ms Long also added that she supported the Northern Ireland Protocol, saying it now had a "chance" that it could only materialize if the Northern Irish Parliament resumes. She added: “The protocol is designed, which is designed by his Government as a soft landing for Brexit so that Northern Ireland is insulated from the difficulties Brexit will create in terms of contradiction. “What businesses need is a unified solution. They need an agreed path forward. “It is presenting us with opportunities, but the only way we can harness those opportunities to balance the positives is if we go back to Government and start working to provide people with people. “We are pragmatic around protocol. If there are ways that the protocol can be reduced in terms of its impact then let's take that with both hands. “And that is going to have huge implications for everyone in terms of creating financial trade wars and inflationary pressures. “But what we cannot do is get rid of this protocol, because without it, the whole cooperation and trade agreement between the EU and the UK would be in jeopardy. “Now we need to think long and hard about whether we want to layer on the challenges that people are facing, or as politicians we should sit down calmly. It makes sense to seek solutions that make life easier for the people we represent.” We are finding that: Boris Johnson hopes to lose Northern Ireland and reintegrate with all of Ireland, so will lose Scotland too!

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