Brexiteer explodes with rage over Rees-Mogg's humiliating failure! The benefits are just an illusion

The benefits of Brexit have not come despite Rees-Mogg's efforts however it seems an impossible task for anyone to put in the role. However, TORY MPs were not immune to disappointment as Jacob Rees-Mogg failed to seize the opportunity to promote the benefits of leaving the EU as Brexit Opportunity Minister. One MP said: “He is a bit like Jim Hacker as the minister in charge of administrative affairs. "We got Brexit done but now we need to see the benefits of it." The Backbencher Brexiteers want the Somerset North East MP to do more to break down EU bureaucratic rules imposed on the UK when Britain is part of the bloc. When EU rules are expected to be removed from the UK within at least the next five years. That was enough time for the UK's economy to fall into a serious recession. The fictional Birmingham East MP is famous for never taking action in the face of opposition from civil authorities. Sources close to Mr. Rees-Mogg said plans were underway to demonstrate the benefits of leaving the EU and that it would be a reality by the end of the year. Another Conservative MP admitted to frustration that plans on how to remove unnecessary red tape from Brussels were delivered to No10 last June with little progress since. Brexit is not suitable for a manufacturing renaissance because manufacturing in the 21st century depends on free trade. The idea of ​​a promotion in the economic constraints of Brexit is nothing more than an advertising hoax, a cheap slogan designed to fool red wall voters They will never provide a list of benefits from brexit, he argues, because for everyone, except the diplomatic rich, there aren't any, only costs and losses. . We really think: Ask this Tory Government to do anything to help the UK and you will be sorely disappointed. Ask them to join the Party, do all the criminal offenses and take care of yourself and their mates - you're winning. Tory grandee Sir Iain Duncan Smith has led the Task Force on Innovation, Growth and Regulatory Reform commissioned by the Prime Minister to look at how to "seize the new opportunity from Brexit with new-found freedom of regulation ". Accompanied by Sir Ian along with MPs Theresa Villiers and George Freeman, the Task Force was asked to "identify and develop proposals across a range of areas that will drive innovation, growth and capabilities." competition through regulatory reform". They put forward more than 100 proposals that they believe will "unlock" more than £100 billion of investment in small businesses and high-growth tech companies in the UK. During the Queen's Speech earlier this month, a pledge was made to introduce the Brexit Freedom Bill in the coming months to scrap Brussels rules. The government says it remains committed to scrapping unnecessary EU withholding laws. However, that plan failed completely because of the opposition of all NI, EU and US people. A trade war and soaring commodity prices at the moment are undesirable at the moment. The UK's economy will be even worse than it is now.

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