Brexit bigotry causes chaos at NI! Sinn Fein leader defeated the DUP for going against the people

The NI Council convened today to elect an in-house presenter, among several other roles, but had to pause after two nominations failed to secure enough partisan support. , partly because it was rejected by the DUP. After a second attempt to get Stormont up and running again in Northern Ireland was blocked by the DUP, Ms O'Neill said she was "determined" to try again. She said that "we all have a duty" to form an executive and help "families get through the cost of living crisis". NORHERN IRELAND First Minister Michelle O'Neill criticized the Democratic Unionist Party for keeping the public "ransom" under NI protocol. “Well, the DUP is punishing the public and the public itself is missing out,” said Vice President Sinn Fein. “It is the public that is being ransomed for the actions of [DUP]. “The public that voted for us really rolled up our sleeves and offered solutions to today's problems. I am determined to try to do that. ” Vice President Sinn Fein spoke after the DUP blocked a second attempt to elect a new speaker. The opposite side of the DUP, who described today's Council's withdrawal as a "stunt", is maintaining its position that it wants to see action from the UK Government on the Protocol. Northern Ireland before backing a new speaker to allow the Council to start operating fully again. . The plenary session of the Council was subsequently suspended because it was not possible to conduct business without a speaker. Ms O'Neill said her party would try again to get a newly elected speaker. The MLA was in the room today following a recall petition launched by Sinn Fein to elect a speaker, deputy speaker and appoint a first minister and first deputy minister. “I speak as a newly elected MLA because I want to continue the work I was elected to do,” Ms. McAllister said. “It's not just about setting up the Executive Board but really scrutinizing the work of the departments. "We need to keep working so we can help those in Northern Ireland who are currently struggling. Union MLA Nuala McAllister refuted the DUP's claim that convening the Council was a stunt, saying the only stunt drag in recent weeks was their blocking of the restoration of split institutions share power. "Whether it's people who can't afford to feed their children or heat their homes, it's the decisions made by the DUP that are affecting the people of Northern Ireland." “Every consequence since the day the DUP did not leave the CEO, all the hardships that everyone is facing, falls on the head of the DUP. The stubbornness of the DUP is going against the wishes of the people of NI which has caused a situation of turmoil that has been foretold. Brexit is using all means to keep Northern Ireland completely under its control, not wanting NI to develop based on the advantage of trading with Ireland and the EU. It is an unacceptable selfishness of the Brexit administration and the DUP. There are still a lot of anti-democratic issues in Brexit. Which Boris' government needs to deal with internally.

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