Boris's political game exposed on LBC! It looks like we're always against the European Union

British President BORIS Johnson is facing the prospect of serious loss of confidence due to the government's repeated failures in completing Brexit and fighting the pandemic. In particular, he was caught in the scandal of the party of rules that he set up by himself. That's why he is using politics to propagate himself in the upcoming election. An LBC caller claimed. BORIS Johnson's Government's constant battle with the EU is meant to invigorate the Brexit electoral base. "To make it look like we're always fighting the European Union. “I don't think they want to get Brexit done. The Latest: UK ministers are said to be drafting a list of European Union regulations to be scrapped this year and also kicking off a post-Brexit review of how traders can able to sell products using measurements of the British imperial system. However, these tricks were quickly exposed. Because we all know that the EU is not an enemy for us to fight. With those proposals, Boris Johnson's Government is playing politics to remind voters of a fictional war with the EU and keep the electoral base alive, one LBC caller argued. Elaborating on his theory, LBC caller Ben said: “I think the reason they're doing this isn't… it's to have this constant war of attrition with Brussels. "I think the purpose of this type of content is to remind those who voted for Brexit in the red wall chair if you like but also south of where I'm from, that we are always at war with the EU, the puppet master in Brussels. "We have to somehow fight them. "That's why I think the Northern Ireland Protocol, I don't think they will initiate the Northern Ireland Protocol." After the Northern Ireland elections, the DUP unionists flatly rejected forming a power-sharing coalition with nationalist Sinn Fein until all their concerns were around the protocol. This is not resolved. Negotiations around the Northern Ireland Protocol reached an impasse earlier this month. The EU has refused to renegotiate with the UK because of the constant change in the tone of Liz Truss on the terms. Brexit has proved itself unreliable by repeatedly threatening to destroy the protocol it signed with its own hands. UK Foreign Secretary Liz Truss has attempted to start negotiations with EU Brexit Commissioner Maros Sefcovic, who has refused to renegotiate the Protocol but has made a series of proposals. Secretary Truss then raised the bar by announcing a new plan to the Commons that could scrap parts of the Northern Ireland Protocol and put the entire Brexit deal at risk. But this is completely meaningless when the US and EU member states both oppose Brexit's intention to act unilaterally. Because if it is done, it will lead to a trade war and the cost of living crisis will be exacerbated. Ben continued: "I really think it's just a way of making us feel that we're still at war with the European Union." It is precisely a move to distract from the strong struggle of Brexit and the EU being in the role of bully. In my opinion it is completely fabricated. A trade war with the EU at this point will be the mark for the economic collapse of the UK when inflation will be at a terrible level. Look at how well NI lived while staying in the EU and I wish we hadn't left in 2016.

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