Biggest betrayal: Angry Farage tore down the fake face of Brexit with Boris' empty promises

No one believes in Brexit anymore. The bad things are no longer hidden and the brexit media must acknowledge these disasters and troubles. The reality we have seen, anything made primarily with sugar will be very difficult for those who have to watch their diet for type 2 diabetes if this is what people expect. Create a nutritious meal. But even with foods that have periodically dropped in price, they aren't even what they were a year ago. I don't know how or why people think this is acceptable, because personally I find this scary. According to a recent quote, the "greatest Brexit betrayal", according to the former Brexit Party leader, is legal, and illegal immigration "worries us" and places a "huge burden" on the UK. Brother. "Why did we vote for Brexit?" Mr. Farage said. What is the main driving force? I'll tell you what it is: the borders are wide open, people see Britain's population growing rapidly, and of course, we're always talking about illegal immigration. " is on track for a record year of net migration." "This is not what we voted for in the referendum or when we gave Boris Johnson an 80% majority." In fact, what we see is only a small hint of impending disasters. A truly bitter end for those who believe in Brexit: We believed in Brexit and realized its great opportunities, finding ourselves in a land of many things. Our worthy economy has created a country of high achievers who work hard, and many with the culinary skills to create nutritious meals from readily available and affordable produce. affordable. This morning, I woke up in a cold house to a startling realization: same Tory sh1t; other day. that was shared by a brexit believer and now she regrets her vote. On the other hand, the Government should provide everyone who can't afford gas or electricity to cook with a solar system so that they at least have free electricity and income from the things they don't use. , and the government can boast of it's green certification. By another share: Price change in my local area since New Year (best price I could source) - Bread up 20%, toilet rolls up 35%, potatoes up 30% , potato chips increased by 25%, can of beans increased by 22%, Milk increased by 35%, Sunflower oil increased by 80%. Just examples of basic items. I lived on a tight budget for a while. That way, I know where to go to get the best prices on everyday essentials, which often means visiting multiple stores in one shopping trip, even if it's just a few items. My partner called me a walk-in price list. Or, should I say, she used to be. Prices change frequently so I find it very difficult to keep up at the moment. So what do we have here, An opportunity that Brexit creates or the disasters and miserable lives of Brexit voters that many have come to believe?

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