An idiocy exposed: Brexit causes the Northern Ireland Protocol issue to crush Boris

As we all know, the long and unresolved negotiations have caused the UK to suffer heavy losses. It is not just a border that will be the target of violence. The Good Friday Agreement relies on an open border to operate. This is what Brexit has always led to. Maybe more Britons should think about that before they vote to leave. According to Fabian Zuleeg, chief executive of the European Policy Centre, the Brexit arrangement struck by Boris Johnson's government provides no room for any other alternative than a trade barrier in the Irish Sea. In a recent statement, He said: "What we have is Brexit created a dilemma for Northern Ireland because the UK decided to leave the single market and the customs union. "That implies that there has to be a border somewhere. "There can be a lot which is done to make that border as least visible as possible but there will have to be an international border somewhere. "For a variety of reasons, there was agreement on both sides with also previous UK governments that border could not be on the island of Ireland." In fact, This is not a matter of 'negotiation' - the protocol is part of an international treaty that has been signed by the UK government. There are many opportunities to do it and the EU has in fact offered some reasonable solutions, but the UK government has refused. And It is framed as a domestic issue. Even so, however, the outcome will be decided internationally if only because the UK cannot further disrupt trade in Dover. Aka it was even more punishable 60 years ago, under Suez. And it is offensive to both the US, who was behind Suez's results, and the EU, its biggest trading partner. Until that security hole has been fixed, it will be more important to listen to the international media rather than the British media on the matter. If the Tories and DUP continue to whine about it or completely violate it, the simplest and proven solution is to roll back to what worked before. Under the threat of sanctions when necessary. Transition period 2020 with the entire UK subject to the EU Single Market and Customs Union. Another quote, Dr Zuleeg continued: "Unless the UK government would now agree to re-join the single market and the customs union." "Then this is the option which in the end was chosen. "I cannot see the UK going back to the backstop, which eventually also implies single market membership or customs union for the UK. "So, we're talking about essentially having to make these checks in the Irish Sea work." UK let's face it; This won't be an issue for a few more years, as Ireland clearly seems to be on the way to becoming what it was supposed to be: a sovereign state comprising Northern Ireland (finally freed from encroachment) direct British intervention). The British government should respect that and it should have happened before. Thank you for watching the video. Please subscribe and ring the bell to receive the latest notifications from the following videos

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