Again: The brexit media makes empty claims that make Britons angry about Brexit

The benefits brought by brexit are making the British people miserable and hard. many businesses faltered and had to flee London to EU countries. Coercion by policies makes things go too far. However, the brexit media always try to give stupid benefits about their wrong way. One of the silly things that makes the British people increasingly hate and angry about it. Indeed, The Minister of State for Trade Policy, Penny Mordaunt, stated that the government was "deepening" trade ties around the world and that free trade agreements were being "exploited." The Portsmouth North MP stated that she has been negotiating trade agreements with individual US states in order to remove "barriers" to business. Ms Mordaunt promoted Britain, saying it has an abundance of "imagination and ingenuity of enterprise." Perhaps this lie is well known, what brexit angers the British people are the unresolved brexit mistakes that those in power and the government are deliberately covering up and covering up their own mistakes. They didn't solve it. everything was bad and very bad. In fact, Brexit is having a clear drag on the UK economy, with the exception of Northern Ireland, as the Northern Ireland Protocol remains part of the Single Market. Furthermore, when looking at the economies of the EU countries compared to the UK, it is clear that these economies are recovering to a degree that the UK has never seen. In other words, despite assuming that their economy is returning to pre-pandemic levels, the UK's is not. That is the effect of Brexit, and Brexit is not done yet. Brexit will continue for years, as the UK continues to remove trade barriers that it has so far not done. And what is the impact of growth of less than 4% per year on the UK economy? On the other hand, in one of her articles, Ms. Penny Mordaunt wrote in The Telegraph: “International trade has always been a defining characteristic of what it means to be British. “The accident of these islands being blessed with long, navigable rivers, never more than 45 miles from tidal waters, meant that Britain was always a natural international trading nation. “Our forefathers negotiated trade agreements that made us part of the Hanseatic League, and they improved and overlaid our infrastructure with ports, canals, bridges, roads and airports. It is puzzling that too many brexiteers can believe that the UK can leave the EU without consequences. They truly believe that nothing will change. How could anyone believe such nonsense? If you left an exclusive golf club, do you really think you could still play on the golf course like before? How stupid are you to believe that? it's really silly that they are blindly believing in the dark futures that Brexit is creating for them. Let's take a look back, the original Tories were "promised" to stay in the single market and the Customs Union. Britain could have had that and left the EU. But they were unable to keep their promise. When you build your economy on cheap labor and then tell them to go bankrupt, then I think you've achieved what you voted for.

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