Hello everyone! Welsh independence? Why is it, wherever you have Labour you have poverty and problems.

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Drakeford can do what he likes but he will not win a vote on this..

A FURIOUS battle has been sparked between Cardiff and London today after a Welsh Cabinet Minister admitted a future independence referendum and the concept of an independent Wales was "on the table."

Constitution Minister Mick Antoniw said a vote could take place if the UK Government's attitudes to the Union did not change.

It also calls for reforming the House of Lords to reflect the make-up of the United Kingdom, giving devolved ministers a say in the UK's approach to international relations, and the devolution of justice and policing to Wales as had already been done in Scotland and Northern Ireland.

Following criticism from Wales and Scotland that the Internal Market Act allows Westminster to allocate money to devolved areas.

The plan was originally published in October 2019, when Mr Drakeford called for a "radical redrawing" of the UK, but has been updated following Brexit as well as May's parliament elections for Wales and Scotland.

Independence is on the table, even if it’s not your preferred option?”, Mr Antoniw said: “I think independence is always on the table if you get to a situation where the relationships between the nations of the UK break down.

One of the major issues among Welsh voters was the constitution in the 2021 Senedd elections with support for Welsh independence rising as high as 35 percent in April in a Savanta Com-Res poll.

Another poll conducted in early May however put support slightly lower with 28 percent saying they would vote yes, 57 percent said they would vote no and 14 percent were undecided.

How are they going to fund themselves, will they stop taking money from Westminster that currently funds their free healthcare etc, like in the case of Scotland?

Why is it, wherever you have Labour you have poverty and problems.

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