US deploys warships to anger CCP in South China Sea, China will lose if it attacks Taiwan

US pushes Beijing as Trump sends warships to disputed waters.

The strike group travelled into the Taiwan Strait on Thursday led by the USS Ronald Reagan. Training included flight operations with fixed and rotary-wing aircraft.

The group also undertook maritime strike exercises and coordinated tactical training, the US Navy said in a statement.

The US regularly sends warships through the disputed waterway, an action which China condemns.

Prior to arriving in the South China Sea, the USS Reagan was operating in the Indian Ocean before returning through the strait.

However, China said the United States was seriously undermining peace and stability in the Taiwan Strait over their military exercises and deployments.

US official says amphibious assault of Taiwan difficult for China.

 It would be tough for China to conduct a successful amphibious landing in Taiwan due to the distance and lack of accessible beaches, United States National Security Adviser Robert O’Brien said Oct. 16.

Speaking at a virtual edition of the Aspen Security Forum, the White House official emphasized the difficulties due to a distance of more than 100 kilometers between China and Taiwan. Also, the existence of just four or five beaches suitable for amphibious landings.

He estimated the communist country still needed 10 to 15 years before it had an attack force strong enough to make such an attempt, CNA reported. Turning to another possible form of attack, O’Brien said China’s missiles could destroy Taiwan, but that would not necessarily benefit Beijing as the international community would react with revulsion.

The Trump administration official called on Taiwan to strengthen its defenses and make any hostile operations too costly for China to consider.

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