The coming collapse of China! Xi Jinping failed as use Taiwan issue to get rid of CCP crisis

Xi Jinping wants to use the Taiwan issue to get rid of the crisis, knowing that failure may cost his life.

CCP military aircraft frequently disturbed Taiwan. On September 29, two CCP’s Y-8 anti-submarine aircraft entered the airspace of southwest Taiwan again and were driven by the Taiwan Air Force. The situation in the Taiwan Strait continues to heat up, and whether there will be conflicts between the two sides of the strait has also become a hot topic. China expert, "The Coming Collapse of China" author Gordon Chang recently pointed out that the Chinese government "almost every day" to send military aircraft to Taiwan are intrusive, because of the crisis-ridden Communist Party General Secretary Xi Jinping "wanting to use nationalism to distract the attention of the Chinese people and senior officials of the Chinese Communist Party". The coming winter may be detrimental to the invasion of Taiwan, but the CCP is still preparing for the war.

Why does the CCP create a tense atmosphere at this time? The author believes that this is related to Xi Jinping 's crisis.

According to Zhang Jiadun’s analysis, there is one explanation that Xi Jinping needs to quickly regain a city. The CCP army occupied Indian territory on the Sino-Indian border in early May, but was regained by India in August. In the face of the brave Indian army, there is little chance of further counterattack, and after this incident, no CCP official is responsible for this,putting Xi Jinping’s political career under pressure.

Zhang Jiadun mentioned that Xi Jinping has held unprecedented power since he took office in 2012, but economic problems have become a stumbling block. In the face of a wave of bank and corporate defaults, Xi Jinping is in trouble. In addition, many issues such as the spread of the epidemic, environmental degradation, and population decline have also bothered him, and the CCP is gradually losing its support around the world.

Zhang Jiadun said that Xi Jinping knows that if he fails, he may lose everything, including power, freedom, assets and lives.

Since the beginning of this year, CCP fighters have frequently crossed the central line of the Taiwan Strait. As of September 29, CCP military aircraft have disrupted Taiwan 28 times this year. 

Just talk about the fake style?

Since the beginning of this year, the CCP has "shown its muscles" in the South China Sea many times, and has been in constant friction with the South China Sea countries. In May of this year, conflicts broke out with India. The current situation in the Taiwan Strait is also very tense. China and the United States are also engaged in the maritime and airspace of Taiwan, Hainan and South China. When the CCP is facing enemies on all sides, launching a war is also considered the worst option.

A comment published by Deutsche Welle on September 24 stated that the CCP’s actual combat exercises against Taiwan in recent months have seen military aircraft flying from orbiting Taiwan to entering Taiwan’s airspace, plus Wang Yang’s heavy remarks about “Taiwan independence”. The military exercises and warnings are intended to send a war warning signal to the DPP government, but in reality, Beijing is unwilling to attack Taiwan at this time. Because it is not yet fully prepared to reign over Taiwan .

The article stated that preparations do not refer to the dispatch of the army and combat preparations, but that Beijing has a series of tasks to be opened and completed. For example, the CCP’s five-year plan from next year has many strategic shortcomings that need to be repaired as soon as possible. However, once a war starts, let alone whether it can be won, it will inevitably aggravate the CCP’s already unsatisfactory international situation. Being in a dilemma that is really embarrassing on all sides has caused these proposed strategies to make up for shortcomings to be broken or prolonged, and they are related to whether the CCP will eventually win in the confrontation with the United States. Therefore, as a last resort, Beijing will not fight Taiwan.

The article also said that the confrontation with India also worries Beijing. If it starts a fight with Taiwan, India may take advantage of it to attack China, and Beijing will face the danger of fighting on both sides. The CCP’s army and China’s national strength have not yet become strong enough to fight two enemies at the same time. It is conceivable that either one will be giving up or both will fail. Regardless of the consequences, Beijing cannot bear it.

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