North Korea chaos! Kim Jong-un was betrayed by the spies, they sell secrets information to China

KIM JONG-UN'S regime has launched a fierce crackdown on illegal mobile phone users as it arrested 20 brokers who help North Koreans make contact with the outside world.

The group – some of whom were moonlighting security officials – were detained as part of a country-wide operation aimed at cutting citizen’s unauthorised links with reality. The so-called “phone brokers” had been working to arrange calls and money transfers from other nations.

Some of those arrested included spies for Kim Jong-un, who were supposed to have been the “eyes and ears of the state” but had defied the despot and acted as phone brokers on the side, according to a source.

Sources told Radio Free Asia authorities swooped on the group in Hyesan, a northern city on the border with China.

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