China FURIOUS! South Korean destroyed seven Chinese fishing vessels illegally caught

South Korean Maritime Enforcement said it destroyed seven Chinese fishing vessels illegally caught in the waters of the country.

Yonhap news agency quoted the West Sea Fisheries Administration confirming 7 Chinese fishing vessels were destroyed after the owners of these 7 fishing vessels refused to pay fines. This is the case of Chinese fishing vessels illegally fishing in Korean waters that were first destroyed since January 2018.

According to the bureau, a total of 31 Chinese boats and boats illegally caught in Korean waters were arrested this year.

Most recently, about 50 Chinese ships appeared in waters off the coast of Jeollanam-do province, about 60 km from Gageo-do. According to Arirang News, the South Korean Coast Guard was attacked while suppressing this group of fishing vessels.

The South Korean Coast Guard launched a warning but was ineffective, forcing them to open fire around the Chinese ship to scare them away. At this point, the Chinese ships have left the area where they illegally entered.

One Chinese ship even reacted, crashing the South Korean coast guard ship. However, no casualties were recorded. At the end of a six-hour struggle, the Korean forces arrested two Chinese ships, along with 20 crew members.

In February, the South Korean Coast Guard also encountered and fired warning shots of more than 40 Chinese ships in South Korea's exclusive economic zone in the western waters of the country.

In October 2019, a Chinese ship crashed a patrol ship operated by the South Korean Coast Guard. After this incident, Seoul introduced new regulations on the use of weapons in the event of a collision for the Coast Guard.

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