China flood update: Typhoon hits Northeast China & havoc on corn, Grain shortage is approaching | CCP economic collapse

A typhoon hits Northeast China and corn lodging. Grain shortage is approaching.
Northeast China has rarely been hit by typhoons and rains this year. The net has revealed that the landed typhoons have caused large-scale corn damage in many places, and a new typhoon is also coming. China’s food shortage seems to be approaching.
The Central Meteorological Observatory issued a blue typhoon warning at 10:00 on September 5. According to the weather announcement, the center of this year’s No. 10 Typhoon " Poseidon " is still on the Northwest Pacific Ocean at 8 o'clock in the morning today, about 1,020 kilometers south of Kyushu, Japan, and 8 days to northeast China.
Jilin has just hit this year, marking it typhoon No. 9. Jilin rains from the southeast to the northwest, in the eastern part of widespread heavy rain, with some parts having heavy rain. Beginning on the 3rd morning, Jilin’s wind gradually increased, with gusts of more than 6, and some places having wind gusts of more than 10.
In Jilin’s facades city of Taishan, known "as one Square Central Park" residential building, the typhoon began blowing off part of the building’s concrete. Hunchun, also due to storm winds lead to roadside trees being blown down in a row, with part of the roof being blown over. In Changchun City, many street trees were knocked down by strong winds and vehicles were smashed.
There is also a video saying: The typhoon caused a large area of corn to fall in Jilin. The Jilin Grey Rhino is on the road, approaching step by step.
Although the Chinese Communist Party has repeatedly denied that the grain harvest has been damaged, it has also repeatedly emphasized the issue of food security. In addition to instructing the anti-catering waste campaign, Xi Jinping, the leader of the Communist Party of China, asked again at the 15th meeting of the CCP Central Committee for Comprehensive Reform on September 1. Put the guarantee of food security in a prominent position, these signals all indicate a food shortage.

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