Wuhan encounters heavy flood, China officials warn that worst yet to come with Three Gorges Dam | China flood

Wuhan encounters heavy rain.

While the Three Gorges is flooding wildly, the downstream Wuhan is also being hit by heavy rain. The Wuhan Meteorological Observatory issued a rainstorm orange warning signal at 14:07, Wuhan Meteorological Observatory issued  orange rainstorm warning signal:
It is expected that in the next 3 hours, there will be more than 50 mm of precipitation in Jiangan, Jianghan, Huangpi, and Jiangxia, accompanied by thunder and lightning, gusts of magnitude 7-9, urban and rural waterlogging, geological disasters and high meteorological risks. Please take precautions.

Chinese Officials Warn That Worst Yet to Come as Flooding Reaches New Record.


Months of sustained downpours have battered China with floods unseen in decades, displacing millions and testing the limits of the world’s largest hydroelectric dam.

Such rainfall is far from over, according to Chinese officials who, in a rare admission, said grim challenges are ahead.

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