Three Gorges Dam opens all 9 floodgates, China issued a flood warning for level 1 in Chongqing | china flood

The Yangtze River No. 5 flood is fierce! Chongqing's water level set a
record this year! The Three Gorges opened 9 holes for a record flood
 August 18, the Yangtze River on the flood No. 5 by Chongqing main city center
city, Chongqing, the main city of the site level all the excess of the guaranteed
level, the highest this year recording. The main urban area of Chongqing
is seriously flooded, and the authorities have upgraded the flood defense
emergency response to Level I. In response to the fierce floods, the Three
Gorges opened 9 flood discharges again , with a discharge flow of 48,000
cubic meters per second, setting a new record this year.
According to Chongqing , local media reported, by the heavy rainfall, the
Yangtze River upstream tributary of the Minjiang, Tuojiang, Jialing River
continue to increase the amount of water, the Yangtze River water level in the
last day soared five meters, the Yangtze River Cuntan Telemetry water level:
187 meters above the guaranteed level About 4 meters, the highest water
level of Cuntan Station on the Yangtze River is expected to exceed 4.5-
5.5m. Currently, the Yangtze River No. 5 flood is still rising.
The video posted by netizens shows that the Yangtze River has
flooded Nanbin Road in Chongqing , and the shops, roads and residential
buildings below Nanbin Road have been submerged in the water. As
the Yangtze River floods continue to rise, shops along the river, such as
Nanbin Road, are shifting. Chaotianmen Gate, a landmark building
in Chongqing , has been completely flooded.
The water area of ​​Ciqikou Town in Chongqing is constantly expanding, and
most of the shops on the first floor of Linjiang River are flooded.
On August 18th, the farmer’s market in Caiyuanba , Chongqing City had a roof
due to its low terrain!
The No. 5 flood of the Yangtze River will make the Three Gorges Reservoir
the largest inflow this year: 70,000 cubic meters per second. In response to
the fierce flood, the Three Gorges reopened 9 flood discharges again , with
a discharge flow of 48,000 cubic meters per second, a new record this year.

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