The tombstones of Chinese soldiers who died in the China-Indian conflict are exposed

Chinese and Indian forces had armed conflicts in the disputed border area in mid-June. The Indian military immediately announced the death of 20 soldiers. But the CCP is tight-lipped about its casualties. Recently, netizens exposed a photo that the tombstone belonged to a Chinese soldier who died in the conflict. The Political and Legal Committee of the Communist Party of China also forwarded the photos and mourned the "martyrs", but afterwards the official rushed to delete the post, leaving netizens dumbfounded.
Judging from the exposed tombstone photos, the name of the soldier who died was Chen Xiangrong, a native of Pingnan, Fujian, who belonged to the 69316 army. The monument clearly states: Chen Xiangrong, died in the border defense struggle against India in June 2020.
The official Weibo "China Changan Net" of the CPC Central Committee for Political Affairs and Law once reposted this photo and wrote an article of condolences. However, after a Chinese netizen left a message and questioned that the photo was fake, the post was deleted and the photo was taken down. Netizens said dumbfounded, “Isn’t that the number of casualties is very small? Why can’t even remember who sacrificed?”. Did not respond to this matter.
Earlier, the China Human Rights and Democracy Movement Information Center disclosed that during the Sino-Indian border conflict on June 15, a young man in Xiangtan County, Hunan Province, who had just enlisted in the army for more than a year, died. The township government originally planned to mobilize hundreds of students to welcome the ashes, but was told that it needed to be kept secret. The memorial service must be held in secret and low-key, and the family members and villagers are aggrieved.
External media have also unanimously questioned the CCP’s secret attitude towards conflict losses.
If Chinese officials or Chinese state media are still worried about "erupting public sentiment", many Chinese people on the Internet are already questioning whether the life of Chinese soldiers is not Fate? India can hold a state funeral for the soldiers killed. Why can't China even publish the list of its own soldiers killed and injured?
 In China, any incident is considered to be political, for fear that it will lead to instability of the regime, so everything may become "secret". Not only the death toll in the Sino-Indian conflict cannot be announced, but in the CCP During the pneumonia epidemic, the CCP army has never released epidemic data.

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