It was revealed that Kim Jong-un was in a coma, and all the photos recently were faked.

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un has health problems. Shenyin appeared for a long time. He first attended the memorial ceremony of the Korean War Truce Day in high profile , presided over the Politburo meeting, and drove a luxury car inspection It is flooded, but now there is news that these exposed photos are actually fake, and Kim Jong-un himself has been in a coma.

According to reports, Kim Yo-jung has been entrusted to control the entire state administration and operations. In response, Zhang Sung-min, the former South Korean president’s aide and the head of the Blue House National Conditions Office during the era of President Kim Dae-jung, posted a message on the Internet, saying, “In North Korea , unless you are very ill, or It was replaced by a coup, otherwise no leader would delegate his power to anyone."

Jang Chengmin also pointed out that according to the information he received, Kim Jong-un had fallen into a coma, and the relevant photos released by North Korea recently were all forged. Jang Chengmin mentioned, “I think Kim Jong Un is in a coma, but his life is not over, so he cannot have a complete succession model. Because the North Korean government cannot maintain a vacuum for a long time, Kim Yo-jung is taken seriously. He was sent out to share the state affairs."

According to a report by Korean media "News1", although Kim Yoo-jung has been entrusted to control the entire state and operations of North Korea, the mandate power is not arbitrarily exercised by Kim Yo-jung. Member of the Korea National Assembly Intelligence Committee, Ha Tae Kyung pointed out that these measures are to relieve Kim Jong-un’s pressure on his rule. “The first reason is that since Kim Jong-un has been in power for 9 years, the pressure seems to be very heavy; in addition, when the policy fails, it can distract Chairman Kim Jong-un. Political risks, use this to evade responsibilities", but is it because Kim Jong-un is lying ill to decentralize power and still let the outside world see the flowers.

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