Bad News For CCP! TikTok is dying, China Warns Apple Boycott If US Bans WeChat

Walmart confirmed it is teaming up with Microsoft in a bid for TikTok.
It is said that TikTok is nearing an agreement to sell its U.S., Canadian,
Australian and New Zealand operations in a deal that’s likely to be in the $20
billion to $30 billion range, sources say.
Walmart is pursuing the acquisition at a time when it’s trying to better compete
with Amazon. It plans to launch a membership program, called Walmart+,
soon. The subscription-based service is the retailer’s answer to Amazon
Prime, which includes original TV shows and movies.
In a statement, the big-box retailer said TikTok’s integration of e-commerce
and advertising “is a clear benefit to creators and users in those markets.” It
did not say how it would use TikTok or whether it would be part of Walmart+.
The deal, if approved, would give Walmart and Microsoft access to hundreds
of millions of consumers who could buy their products or become a lucrative
audience for ads. In a filing this week, TikTok said it has nearly 100 million
monthly active U.S. users. That’s up nearly 800% from January 2018.
Chinese Foreign Ministry Warns Of Citizens-led Apple Boycott If US
Bans WeChat.
China’s foreign ministry warned on August 27 that Chinese consumers could
boycott Apple products if the United States bans WeChat, a messaging, social
media and mobile payment app developed by Tencent. Foreign Ministry
spokesperson Zhao Lijian told a regular news conference, stressed that
certain US politicians are hunting down non-US companies as part of
organised and systematic economic bullying.
The spokesperson accused the United States of denying the principle of
market economy and fair competition while trampling on international rules.
Zhao said that the "internet liberalisation" is nothing but the "Americanization
of the Internet" and the term "national security" is simply a byword for
"American double standards".

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