China panics as the US-Russia cold war comes to an end.

China panics as the US-Russia cold war comes to an end.

The death knell to China is here. The Pentagon has finalised the decision to
withdraw 12,000 American troops out of Germany. This signals the beginning
of the end for the US-Russia Cold War, and Trump’s focus now shifts to China
where a new Cold War is brewing.

Beijing is now panicking as it is known that not Europe or NATO, but
China will stand to lose if the Cold War dynamics shift from Russia to
China. The Chinese Foreign Ministry is thus pleading with other global
powers to desist from taking sides.

The US decision to officially pull out troops from Germany has been described
as a “strategic” repositioning of its forces in Europe. 6,400 troops will be
brought back home to the United States, while the rest of them will be shifted
to other NATO countries- Italy and Belgium.

This is bound to be interpreted as the US acknowledging the reduced threat
from Russia in global dynamics. The US decision is admittedly guided by a
decisive shift towards China as reflected in the US Secretary of State Mike
Pompeo’s remarks.

Last month, Pompeo was asked why the Trump administration had reduced
the number of troops in Germany, a key-NATO ally. To which the top US
diplomat had replied, “The actions of the Chinese Communist Party meant
there were “threats to India” and countries such as Vietnam, Indonesia,
Malaysia, the Philippines, and the South China Sea. The US military is
“postured appropriately” to meet these “challenges of our time”.”

Berlin too understands that the US is moving away from the Atlantic alliance to
fight a new battle in the Indo-Pacific with China. German Defence Minister
Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer told DW, “If they [the troops] stay in Europe,
then this remains a commitment towards NATO. But if they were to be
restationed in the Indo-Pacific region, then that would indicate a change to US
strategy, which then would spark a debate within NATO.”

NATO itself believes that China is the latest threat. Recently, NATO
Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg had said, “The rise of China is
fundamentally shifting the global balance of power … Multiplying the threats to
open societies and individual freedoms and increasing the competition over
our values and our way of life.”

China, on the other hand, is naturally worried about the symbolic American
withdrawal from the Atlantic and strategic re-positioning in the Indo-Pacific.
The People’s Republic of China’s biggest nightmare is going down the same
path as the USSR. And with Trump launching a new Cold War against China,
Xi Jinping feels that the US could do to China what it did to the Soviet Union
three decades ago.

China is putting all its diplomatic capital at stake in order to prevent the
upcoming Cold War. China started with Russia. First, the CCP General- Secretary telephoned the Russian President Putin and complained about American unilateralism without actually naming the US.

Later, the Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi called his Russian counterpart,
and this time Beijing directly brought up the issue of “US unilateralism”. A
panicked Wang Yi also told the Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov that
Beijing felt the US was pursuing a “Cold War mentality” in its policy towards

It is the first time that the CCP is accusing the US of starting a Cold War in as
many words. Now, the Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi has pleaded all
countries to “resist” the US’ “blatant and unreasonable acts” and to avert the
possibility of the two biggest powers of the world descending into what Yi calls
a new Cold War.

In a telephonic conversation with his French counterpart Jean-Yves Le Drian,
Yi advised “vigilance against US Secretary of State [Mike] Pompeo’s recent
remarks instigating renewed ideological confrontation and leading the world to
a new cold war”.

Wang Yi has been making far too many references to a ‘new Cold War’,
showing the level of anxiety within the CCP. Recently, the Chinese Foreign
Minister also said, “All countries will make concerted efforts to prevent the
world from being dragged into a new cold war of conflict and confrontation.”
China is also raking up the recent diplomatic tensions, and the closure of
Houston and Chengdu Consulates as a major flashpoint. The Chinese Foreign
Minister cites the Vienna Convention while discussing the dramatic escalation
between China and the US.

The realisation of the threat posed by China has led Trump to reposition
American foreign policy. NATO withdrawal from Germany is a grand and
formal announcement of this recalibration. Washington is going to lock China
in a new struggle, and Beijing is not ready. The Chinese Foreign Ministry is,
therefore, pulling every possible string to hold back the US from waging a new
era of brutal confrontations that would isolate and disintegrate the Communist
Republic of China.

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