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RepGlobal  Free Tool to Find Sales Representatives Worldwide


Our goal is to network your company with sales representatives, sales agents and distributors. We now offer two searches: a worldwide search for international sales representatives, and a local search for US sales reps.

Finding Sales Representatives and Distributors Worldwide

How do you find a sales representative in India or China? Or in any other country? If you have ever tried searching for distributors or sales representatives abroad, you know it is difficult. It is difficult to find any sales representative. It is even more difficult to find a good one.

Traditionally, looking for sales representatives meant a lot of efforts, and over time a lot of money. You needed to attend conferences and trade shows in your industry. Or to attend seminars, conferences and visits organized by your local trade center. Or even to participate in a trip to your target country, such as a trip organized by a trade organization. In all cases it was taking time (a lot of time) and money (a lot of money). And for what results?

Finding Local Sales Representatives and Distributors in the US

The same is true for local sales representatives in the US. Finding good local sales representatives that target your particular market is challenging. You are probably contacted every so often by a potential sales rep, but there is no reliable method that puts you in control of finding qualified sales reps in a particular geographical area.

RepGlobal's Offer

RepGlobal gives you a solution. We give you all the tools you need to find and manage both international and local sales representatives from your desk. And best of all, IT'S FREE!

In our learning center, we give you free tips and advice on recruiting and working with sales representatives. We also point out cultural differences that you need to be aware of when doing business with other countries.

And we give you the possibility of:
    • posting a free ad to find international sales representatives
    • posting a free ad to find a local sales representative in the US

RepGlobal functions on the same principle as a job search engine. When you post a sales opportunity on our website:
  • Your ad is published right away. It is immediately visible by the sales representatives which browse our website.
  • You have access to databases of sales representatives classified by country / state and by industry. You can search these databases freely. Distributors and sales representatives leave their profile on our website like job searchers would post their resumes.

An international website

RepGlobal is the first website that networks manufacturers and sales representatives worldwide. Our website attracts sales representatives from all countries. You can look for representatives in your own country or on the other side of the world.

Post a sales opportunity to find an international sales rep now - FREE

Post a sales opportunity to find a local US sales rep now - FREE

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