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Why a consultant?

As a consultant we bring an outside view of your business. We give a fresh, impartial, non-complacent judgement on your operations and processes and how you can improve on them.

We are an independent company hired to complete a given task or set of tasks. It gives your business flexibility, since you do not need to hire a full-time person to complete that task. Your personnel can remain focused on its core competences.

We bring years of experience in business, both international and local. We have experience in strategy, sales, marketing, negotiation, and other areas, gathered through prior employment and consulting work.

How we work

We always listen to you, the customer, first. We let you express what you want to achieve. We question you thoroughly to make sure that we understand what you want to accomplish, in which timeframe, with what means. We also want to learn what you have tried, what has worked and what has failed for your business in the past.

We give you a first set of recommendations and we elaborate a plan with you for the rest of the work. At this stage you will have already understood and learnt a lot about the growth potential of your business.

Alys Consulting does custom work only, we do not bring canned solutions to a problem. We will carry out the work that you want done, according to your timeframe and your budgetary constraints. We work on a retainer for a certain number of hours that we can adjust up or down on a monthly basis.

In the end your choice of consultant will be based on feeling and personal interaction. Contact us and let's see if we can define together what your needs are. The best way to contact us is to fill in the form at the bottom of our pages. We will call you back.

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